Lancton began his photography career by learning how to develop and print his own black and white films in a small darkroom which had been renovated by a couple of classmates at his secondary school. He moved on to study in London and obtained his bachelor's in Photographic & Electronic Imaging Science from Westminster University, receiving First Class Honours. After assisting for 7 years he moved on to working as a photographer in his own right and began working for editorial clients in the fields of fashion, beauty and portraiture.

With a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of photography and a meticulous approach, the foundations of which were laid during his undergraduate studies, he is renowned for his versatility and lighting, recognising that it is often the simple things that require the most precision. This has enabled him to expand into the more technical arena of still life photography, in particular.

A healthy independent practice - a place to endlessly experiment, play and hone ideas - has always been of vital importance and continues to underpin his mainstream editorial and commercial work with the serious business of working with absolute freedom. A selection of this work can be seen in the diary section here.

He continues to live and work in London.

Clients include –

Centre for Sight
Superdrug Opticians
LighterLife Fast
Boots Health & Beauty
German Cosmopolitan
Alma Sana
John Lewis Gazette
Harvey Nichols magazine
Distinguished & Co.
The Colour Flooring Company
Trevor Sorbie
Quintessentially Credit Card
Prêt à Vivre
Self Service
Elle Girl
TOTP magazine
Good Housekeeping